Getting around energy utilities in Italy

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Need help finding an energy supplier and plan?

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Moving in a new home is among the most exciting, and stressful, things in life. It is true if you move one block away, so think about moving in another country!

Italy is a wonderful place blessed with a great way of life and culture, but regarding the utilities practises, it is as complicated as everywhere else. Or maybe even a bit worse, let's face it...

But don’t worry though, you will find here our guidebook with all the information you need to deal with these issues and get the right suppliers.

Don't worry about the bureaucracy
Though it is quite famous for its complexity and pitfalls, like anything, everything goes smoothly with a bit of time and the right indications.

The Italian gas and electricity market

A little bit of context

For decades, Italy’s energy has been provided by big public monopolies, whose name are still very closely associated with the energy utilities in the Italian minds, Eni for gas and Enel for electricity.
Following the European regulation, the Italian energy market has progressively been liberalized in the last few years, first for the biggest industrial consumers and then for all households.
Nowadays, residential consumers can freely choose their supplier for electricity and gas on the free market or they also have the possibility to stick to the regulated tariffs, managed by the Authority (AEEG).

How does it work?

To avoid getting lost in the middle of your energy utilities practises, it is useful to have a look on how things work regarding your power and gas supply.

  1. import or national production: free market
  2. transportation: the high-voltage national grid is managed by Terna
  3. distribution: local monopolies
  4. supplier: anybody among the free market vendors or the regulated market operator (generally linked to the local distributor)
  1. national production or import
  2. transportation
  3. distribution: local monopolies
  4. supplier: free market or regulated tariff

Who should you talk with?

Mainly, your supplier. It is in charge of:

  • all the practises regarding the pricing and the billing of your consumption
  • the interface between you and the local distributor for all planned operations such as connecting your home, increasing the voltage of your supply, changing the name of the account holder

The distributor should be directly contacted only in case of technical emergency, such as gas leakage or power outage.

The Guidebook to Italian utilities
To know how to connect your Italian home to the power grid, how to reactivate the gas supply in your Tuscanian villa or simply manage your bills, check out our guidebook!