Are you moving to Rome? Here's what you have to do for electricity, gas, water and internet

Are you moving to Rome and don't know how to turn on your electricity and gas? In this article we'll explain how to turn on your gas, electricity and water meters. Do you need a contract for your internet connection? Read on and you will soon understand how to do it!

New electricity and gas contract in Rome

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New contract for electricity and gas in Rome?

If you have recently moved to Rome, you will definitely need to turn on the electricity and gas meters. To do this you can contact the number 06.948.080.89 and an operator will guide you trough choosing the supplier best suited to your needs. Let's see what your possibilities are when you arrive in your new house in Rome:

  1. If the meter is present in the house but it is not active, you will have to request a subentro, that is a reactivation. The activation costs are about 60 € charged in the first bill: from the moment of the request within a maximum of 7 working days the electricity meter will be activated and within 12 working days the gas one.
  2. If the meter is present and is still active with a contract in the name of the previous tenant, you must ask for a voltura, that is a change of the name on the contract. The costs of this procedure change for each supplier, but in this case they are also about 60 € charged in the first electricity and gas bill. For the voltura are required minimum 4 working days.
  3. If there are no meters in your new flat in Rome, you will have to request an allacciamento, that is the positioning of a new meter. We recommend that you make the request at least a couple of months before entering the new house as the timings are lengthy and the costs vary depending on the kind of work that needs to be done: in any case, a technician will take a look and give you a free quote.
  • What documents are needed to set up your new electricity and gas meters?
  • Your personal data: name, surname, a valid document and a phone number
  • Personal data of the previous tenant (just for voltura)
  • Address of your new house in Rome
  • POD code for electricity and PDR code for gas
  • Maximum power required in kW (just for electricity)
  • Nice to have: email address for the shipping of the bills and bank account number
  • For allacciamento only: the use for which gas is required: for example for cooking foods, hot water production, only heating or heating, cooking and hot water; building concession number (in Italian "numero di concessione edilizia") for electricity and gas connection

If you need more info, you can watch our video about subentro, voltura and allacciamento:


Do you want to report a power outage of electricity and gas in Rome?

To activate an electricity and gas meter you can choose the company you prefer, but if there is a fault on the counter or on the distribution line, who do you need to contact? For electricity, the local distributor for Rome is Areti (ex Acea Distribuzione) and for any problems about your meter, you can call the number 800.130.336 or 06.45.400.396 by mobile phone. For gas, the local distributor in Rome is Italgas and you can report a failure, calling the number 800.900.999.

New water contract in Rome

Do you need a contract for water?

Just as with electricity and gas, even for water you will have to turn on the meter by asking for a contract in your name. For water, it’s very uncommon that a meter is not present in the house, so let's see what the most common cases are that you may deal with when you move to Rome:

  • If the meter is present but is closed because the contract has been canceled, you will need to reactivate the meter with a subentro. The activation costs are about 27,28€ plus VAT (10% for domestic use) and 60€ charged in the first bill for the meter’s reactivation. The reactivation of the water meter will occur after 5 working days from the written request.
  • If the counter is open and the supply contract is in place, you must only change the user's name. The voltura costs are about 27,28€ plus VAT and another 40€ if the customer doesn’t communicate the meter self-reading. Some water suppliers apply a security deposit to customers choosing postal bills as their desired method of payment: this is then returned when the contract is terminated or if the customer subsequently chooses to switch to direct debit. The request for water voltura is only approved after the applicant has received a copy of the contract. The switch is then completed within 5 working days from the delivery of the documentation.

The water sector has not yet been deregulated, so in every region there will only be one water service company: in Rome you will need to contact Acea Ato 2, calling the number 800.133.328, open from Monday to Friday 8:00 - 20:00 and Saturdays 8:00 - 16:30. If you need to contact Acea Ato 2, you can do it through these contacts:

  • To report a failure: call the number 800.130.335
  • Offices in Rome: Piazzale Ostiense, 2 - Piramide and Via Rutilio Namaziano, 24 - Ostia
  • Email for customers and suppliers:
  • App for smartphone: MyAcea
  • What documents are needed to active your new water contract?
  • Your personal data: name, surname, a valid document and a phone number
  • Personal data of the previous tenant (just for voltura)
  • Address of your new house in Rome
  • Meter self-reading: to communicate to the supplier how much the previous tenant had consumed and how much of the value of your supply starts
  • Nice to have: email address for the sending of bills and bank account number

New internet contract in Rome

Let's turn on internet modem!

If you frequently use the Internet to watch movies or download various files you will need a very fast connection and you should probably consider activating a Fiber Optic line. The market offers different offers with different speeds in download and upload.

To activate an ultra fast internet connection you can use the tools the suppliers provide to test the coverage and speed available in your area. Once you do this, check out the commercial pages and choose the best offer for you.

  • TIM Smart Mobile
  • Casa Edition di Vodafone
  • Joy Mobile di Fastweb

If you need to activate a new line you will need a technician's intervention in your house in Rome. From the time you sign a contract, you will spend up to 20 working days at the time of your intervention. However, if you are simply switching a home-based operator, you will still need technical assistance, but this will not have to happen in your flat, because the intervention will be directly on the control unit. Even in this case it will take a maximum of 20 working days for the intervention of a technician. Meanwhile you will continue to have your connection.

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