Changing the account holder

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Put your bill in order with a voltura


This article is about the "voltura", the process required to change the name of the power and gas contracts holder.


What do you need?

Before you contact the supplier you chose for your electricity and/or gas, make sure you have the following documents with you.

  • Personal data: fiscal ID-number (the famous "codice fiscale", ID card (and a copy, always useful when dealing with utilities) and contact info (phone and address)...
  • the meter codes, the POD for electricity and PDR for gas, that you can find on the bill of the previous tenant or on the electronic display of your electronic electricity meter
  • a recent reading of the meter
  • the certificate of residence, necessary to get the favorable tariff for resident home
  • the bank account details, if you want to pay through direct debit (EU standard SEPA)

How much does it cost?

The cost is different according to the kind of contract (regulated tariff or not) and the retailer (for free market contracts).

Kind of contract Cost of changing the account holder
Regulated tariff The cost of simply changing the account holder are regulated by the Authority:
  • 27,52 â‚¬ of administrative fee
  • 23,00 â‚¬ fixed cost
  • 16,00 € stamp tax

The total cost is ca. 67 â‚¬, to which you may add the security deposit that suppliers sometimes ask.

Free market For free market contracts, there is a fixed fee of 27,59 € and a cost of activation that changes from one supplier to another.
Regulated tariff/Free market The administrative and service costs of the activation change from one supplier to the other and are specified in the contract.

How does the procedure work?

To change the account holder, contact the energy supplier currently managing your account. Keep in mind that, even if you plan to then switch supplier, putting your name on the current contract first is preferable.

You can find the contact info of the main electricity and gas retailers in Italy on our dedicated page.